today's episode of Synthesize me edited by our dear friend
Manfred Detges from Germany

1 Intro
2 Mesh feat. Victorjia Anselmo – You'll Never Understand
3 Rotersand – Merging Oceans [Exilanation Remix]
4 Project Pitchfork – Timekiller [And One Remix]
5 Neuroticfish – Waving Hands
6 Blank and Jones feat. Robert Smith – A Forest
7 Assemblage 23 – You Havn't Earned It [The Loge Remix]
8 The Azoic – Progression
9 Sara Noxx – Society
10 Boytronic – Living Without You [Ronan Harris Remix]
11 Angels & Agony – Forever [Eternity Version]
12 Android Lust – Stained
13 Lowe – Ahead Of Our Time [Extended]
14 Motus – Leave
15 Cinderella Effect – Stille Der Nacht

  1. WhiteShark - Vick BE הגיב:

    Great selection of songs, I really liked it Manfred!
    but Oren, you should write the correct order of the track list 🙂


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