the song is ready, I worked all day on the final mix, it wasn't easy at all…
the file has been sent to the Alphaville tribute team, waiting for the results 🙂

1. band name (the name that will be on the tracklist)
DJ Oren Amram feat. Paula B

2. name (your names here and what instrument your playing)
Oren Amram DJ, keyboards, Producer and vocals; Paula B. vocals.

3. country
Israel (Oren) and Brazil (Paula)

4. history (the history around the band)
We’ve met in December of 1999, through the ICQ profile. Since then, we became friends and always talking about music. We recorded together for the first "We Heard The Call" and it was really a great experience. Now, we are glad to participate again!

5. why this song
We have certainly a lot of favourite songs, but "Fallen Angel" touched us in a different way and it would be nice to have a duet, as Marian Gold Kindly gave us the permission to change the lyrics.

6. why you join this CD
Because we love Alphaville!

7. picture:

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