"Electroluxury K-mix" are a series of 13 sets from "Electroluxury" parties in Düsseldorf.
thanks to Armin C. Schneider for posting the full party playlists & gave me the opportunity to expose it through my mixes…

after more than 3700 downloads to Electroluxury K-mixes 2012 I'm proud to present…
Electroluxury 5 K-mix 2013

listen here:  

re-mixed & re-edited by DJ Oren Amram
A selection of synthpop/ EBM / Futurepop from "Electroluxury 5" playlist .
stay tuned for Electroluxury 6-13 K-mixes in the future!

Mesh – Only Better (Club)
Diorama – Synthesize Me (Single Version)
VNV Nation – Standing (Original)
Rotersand – Beneath The Stars
Namnambulu – Surviving
And One – Steine sind Steine
Faderhead – Horizon Born (Electric Paradise Club Edit)
Chrom – My Desire (Kriegerin Mix)
Code 64 – Game Over
Apoptygma Berzerk – Until The End Of The World
Camouflage – Love Is A Shield [extended version]
Ostrich – Sleepy Angels (Annica’s Libra Bells Melody Remix)
Mesh – Friends Like These (Binary Girl Edit)
Culture Kultür – Fading Away
Rotersand – Undone
Diorama – Advance (Remix)


previous Electroluxury K-mixes:

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Electroluxury 11 K-mix 2012


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