Mental Discipline
Live in Israel
Friday 8.3.2013

ב-8 במרץ 2013 הפרוייקט מגיע להופעה ראשונה וחד-פעמית בישראל! במועדון הדאנג'ן ברחוב השרון 21 בת"א.
This spacial edition of Synthesize me  contains the remixes that Alex Mental did to other artists.
you can listen online by pressing the green (or the speaker) button. if you want to download the file, you can press on the grey arrow (right to the envelope & the iTunes icons) on the player window.



Synthesize Me vol 37 – Mental Discipline Remixes

Cold In May – Kill Yourself With Pain (Mental Discipline Remix)
Berain – Devil (Mental Discipline Remix)
De/Vision – Plastic Heart (Mental Discipline Remix)
Unity One – Infrared (Mental Discipline Remix)
Head-Less – Punish Your Head (Mental Discipline Remix)
Want/ed – Never Will Take It Back (Mental Discipline Remix)
Mirrors Of Mind – Dellamorte Dellamore (Mental Discipline Remix)
Sharon Next – Der Hase (Mental Discipline Remix)
Spektralized – Special Feeling (Mental Discipline Remix)
Synthetixxx – Falsification (Mental Discipline Remix)
De/Vision – Flash Of Life (Mental Discipline Remix)
Sector 516 – Heartless (Mental Discipline Remix)
Cold In May – Kill Yourself With Pain (Mental Discipline Remix – Karaoke Version)

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An exclusive interview with Alex @ Mental Discipline
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