Hello Synthpopers / EBM fans from all over the world!
In this group you're invited to vote for the top Synthpop / EBM tracks of the 21st century till today.
The results of the Top 100 chart will be published in the following summer (all details will follow in the next weeks).

Please share it anywhere you can and add your friends to vote. The more members in this group – the more interesting this chart will be.

The list contains 100 Synthpop / EBM tracks from 2000 till today.
Vote for any of the songs that you like for the ultimate big Synthpop / EBM forthcoming chart.

The tracks in the list were selected by Israeli DJs Oren Amram & WhiteShark Vbe.

Thank you for participating!

please note that you have to join the facebook group in order to vote. press on the screenshot to go to the page.



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