here's another weekly edition of "Synthesize Me".
the new tracks from Zynic, Visage, Ruined Conflict, & the great new Israel talent – "Pentagon"! enjoy!

האזן לפודקאסט
1. Zynic – Dead End
2. Ruined Conflict – In Open Arms
4. Bruderschaft – Forever (Sero.Overdose Remix)
5. In Strict Confidence – Morpheus
6. Visage – Shameless Fashion
7. Ashbury Heights – Die By Numbers
8. Helalyn Flowers – White Me In Black Me Out (Extended Club Mix)
9. Rename – Not Just a Dream (Rename Extension Mix)
10. I Scintilla – Worth The Wait
11. Mari Chrome – Here I Am
12. Sero.Overdose – Fire
13. Peter Heppner – Suddenly
14. Water Low – The Perfect Key (Camouflage cover)
15. Wynardtage – Send Me An Angel (Real Life cover)

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