Here's another great episode of "Synthesize Me", the synth show of "Layla
Shmonim" with Dj Oren Amram, with a lot of great electronic tracks.
enjoy the music!!!

      האזן לפודקאסט

1. WANT/ed – The More We Want
2. IAMX – Spit It Out
3. Christopher ANTON – We Are The Free
4. Leaether Strip – Living on Video
5. Orgy – Blue Monday
6. Iris – Lands Of Fire (Mesh Pyromix)
7. Love Questionmark – This City (Clubmix By Wollschlaeger)
8. Matt Mancid & Color Theory – Rent
9. Neuroticfish – Wake me up (DAC Remix)
10. Pride & Fall – Inside
11. Solitary Experiments – Homesick (Analog Brain Remix)
12. Sero.Overdose – Tears In Rain
13. Patenbrigade Wolff – Demokratischer Sektor (PvD Club Mix)
14. Eurocide – Europe In Dust
15. Lost Area – Life and Order (Remixed By ReLegion)
16. Neutral Lies – Glitter Ball (K-Bereit Remix)
17. Ashbury Heights – I Can Kill You So Easily

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