midnight (23:00 CET) – Live at —> http://www.radiosol.co.il/
"Synthesize Me" – from the new wave of the 80's throughout the 90's & to the Synthpop & EBM music of the 2000's.

join us !

you can listen also through http://tunein.com/radio/Radio-SOL-israel-s197155/

due the circumtences, Thirteen Israeli soldiers were killed in the Gaza Strip over the past 24 hours.
our radio show "synthesize Me" gets a little bit quiet this evening, with the best of the synthpop ballads.

*** Listen / Download ***

hour 1

hour 2

*** Playlist ****

hour 1

Diorama – Synthesize Me (piano version)
Alpha Point – High Like The Angels (reprise)
Cold In May – Kill Yourself With Pain
StopTalk – Over The Lines
Diorama – Child Of Entertaiment (broken version)
Assemblage 23 – Ground (acoustic version)
Apoptygma Berzerk – Until The End Of The World (acoustic version)
Depeche mode – Stories Of Old (acoustic version)
Mesh – Room With A View (demo version)
Camouflage – Me & You (kaycees downbeat mix)
De/Vision – A New Drug
Neuropa – In Need
Mesh – Not Prepared
Camouflage – That Smiling Face
Wolfsheim – Kein Zurick

hour 2

Diorama – Belle
And One – The Sound Of Believer
Mesh – I Can't Imagine How It Hurts
De/Vision – I'm Not Dreaming Of You
Minerve – You Don't Know Me
Schiller mit Heppner – Leben… I Feel You (chilout version)
Pet Shop Boys – Love Comes Quickly (blank & jones mix)
Diorama – E Minor
Distain! – Piano Song
Legacy Of Music – Tragedy (Featuring Mesh)
Hurts – Silver Lining
VNV Nation – Illusion (live)


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