midnight (23:00 CET) – Live at —> http://www.radiosol.co.il/

"Synthesize Me" – from the new wave of the 80's throughout the 90's & to the Synthpop & EBM music of the 2000's.
join us for a special 2 hours with lots of fun & good music!

you can listen also through http://tunein.com/radio/Radio-SOL-israel-s197155/

*** Listen / Download ***

hour 1

hour 2

*** Playlist ****

hour 1

!distain – Where In This World
Real Experts featuring Daniel Angelus – Disco Tears
NamNamBulu – Surviving
In Good Faith – Hit Me Hard (TerroloKaust Remix)
Visage – The Damned Don't Cry (original 12"” dance mix)
Die Krupps – Der Amboss
Die Krupps – Robo Sapien
Janosch Moldau – Sweetest Heart (People Theatre Presence Mix)
Vain Machine – Push (Infinite Mix by Nórdika)
Nórdika – Ven A Mi
Edenfeld – Secret Diary
Alphaville – To Germany With Love (Sebastian R. Komor Extended Remix)

hour 2

Pet Shop Boys – Fugitive (Richard X Extended Mix)
Assemblage 23 – Disappoint (Funker Vogt Mix)
Diary Of Dreams – The Plague (Ver.N4-4)
HarmJoy – My Tears Fall
X-Divide – I Don't Care (Trance Club Mix)
Unity One – Infrared (Mental Discipline Remix)
Mental Discipline feat. Alex Cook – The Forgotten Dreams
Neuroticfish – They're Coming To Take Me Away
WANTed – (You) Won't Regret
StopTalk – Over The Lines
Vanguard – Not Even You


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