Solid Gold משודרת מידי יום שישי בין 18:00 ל-21:00.

שלוש שעות עם מוסיקה מכל הזמנים, להיטי ענק שנכנסו לפנתיאון המוסיקה, והמון גירסאות כיסוי שלא שמעתם בחיים ודברים מיוחדים.
השעה השניה היא שעת הסנדוויץ' ותיוחד מידי שבוע לאמן אחר.

מקווה שתהנו…

download / listen:

hour 1

hour 2 – special Freddie Mercury

hour 3


hour 1

Annabel Lamb – Riders On The Storm
Eurythmics – Fame
Erasure – Baby Love
McFly – I Kissed A Girl
Kooks – All That She Wants
Barefoot – White Lines
Angus & Julia Stone – Tubthumping
Aimee Mann – One
Aztec Camera – True Colors
Air Supply – Even The Nights Are Better
Mike Flowers Pops – Please Release Me
Big Daddy – Dancing In the Dark
Clare Bowditch – Fall At Your Feet
Copeland – Black Hole Sun
Everything But The Girl – Alison
Brown Derbies – Bittersweet Symphony

hour 2 – special Freddie Mercury

Queen – Mustafa
Queen – Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
Queen – Killer Queen
Queen – You're My Best Friend
Freddie Mercury – I Was Born To Love You
Freddie Mercury – Living On My Own (original 1986 version)
Queen – Love Of My Life (acapella rare version)
Queen – I'm Going Slightly Mad
Queen – Innuendo
Queen – Too Much Love Will Kill You
Queen – Sail Away Sweet Sister
Queen – We Are The Champions (acapella rare version)
Freddie Mercury – The Great Pretender
Queen – These Are The Days Of Our Lives
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (instrumental rare version)
Queen – The Show Must Go On (instrumental rare version)

hour 3

Kim Wilde – Tu me vas si bien ('You Came' french version)
Lily Allen – Mr Blue Sky
Cecil – When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman
Jimmy Eat World – Last Christmas
Señor Coconut And His Orchestra – Beat It
Richard Cheese – Creep
Bosson – One In A Million (remix)
Nouvelle Vague feat. camille – In A Manner Of Speaking
Dan Kelly – Nothing Compares to You
David Kitt – When Doves Cry
Grinspoon – The Drugs Don't Work
Edwyn Collins – In a Broken Dream
Feeder – The Power Of Love
Brix Smith – Space Oddity
Dar Williams – Comfortably Numb


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