Solid Gold משודרת ברדיו סול מידי יום שישי בין 18:00 ל-21:00.

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hour 1

hour 2 – special Air Supply

hour 3


hour 1

Capital Cities – Holiday
Emmy The Great – All Those Years Ago
Edwyn Collins – Ding A Dong
Cranberries – Go Your Own Way
Cyndi Lauper – When You Were Mine
Destinys Child – Emotion
Jimmy Somerville – To Love Somebody
Bee Gees – Love you inside out
Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers
David Lee Roth – California Girls
Big Daddy – I Just Called to Say I Love You
Professor Green – Billionaire (live from bbc 1's radio live lounge)
Toto Cutugno – Et Si Tu N'existais Pas
Eros ramazzotti & Tina turner – Cose della vita
Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias – Could I Have This Kiss Forever
Everything But The Girl – Corcovado

hour 2 – special Air Supply

Air Supply – All out of love
Air Supply – Even the nights are better
Air Supply – Lost in love
Air Supply – The one that you love
Air Supply – Every woman in the world
Air Supply – Making love out of nothing at all
Air Supply – Having you near me
Air Supply – Here I am
Air Supply – Just as I am
Air Supply – The power of love
Air Supply – Lonely is the night
Air Supply – Goodbye
Air Supply – Chances
Air Supply – Sweet dreams

hour 3

Pretenders – Everyday is like sunday
Belinda Carlisle – Dancing Queen
ABBA – As Good As New
Ace Of Base – Travel To Romantis
Milk & Honey – Goodbye New York
Nouvelle Vague – Don't Go
Eldissa – Ring my bell
Brown Derbies – Breakfast at Tiffany's
Boyzone – No Matter What
Elan Atias – Slave To Love
Skye – A View To A Kill
Duran Duran – Lay Lady Lay
Snna Terheim – China Girl
Pastel Vespa – White wedding
Paul Anka – Waiting for a girl like you


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