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"Synthesize Me" – from the new wave of the 80's throughout the 90's & to the Synthpop & EBM music of the 2000's.
join us for a special 2 hours with lots of fun & good music!

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hour 1

hour 2

*** Playlist ****

hour 1

Rroyce – Thank You I'm Scared (Oren Amram special intro ballad version)
Beborn Beton – I Believe
Machinista – We are rockets
PROPOLIS – The Secret (new mix)
Xparadox – Silent Dream
Sinestar – Fortunes Fades (extended)
Christopher ANTON – Fade to Grey
Propaganda – Dr. Mabuse
Human League – Do Or Die
!distain – Where In This World (extended big world remix by Oren Amram)
B side spot #21 – Beborn Beton – Folsom Prison Blues
Tears For Fears – Change (12" version)
hour 2

Alphaville – To Germany With Love (Sebastian R. Komor Extended Remix)
Daniel Colletti feat. Rebentisch – Berlin (max momentum genius beat radio vox)
Die Krupps – Robo Sapien
Head-less – Ship Of Agony (Extended)
Empire In Dust – Against Reality
DM SPOT#2 – Depeche mode – People Are People
Nordika – Beautiful Wild Flower
Vanguard – On My Own
Schandpfahl feat. Out Of Sphere – Lauf! (Obscure Mindeater Edit)
Diorama – Belle

SYN-BANNER Small 136

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