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and tonight we're having 3 hours!

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hour 1

hour 2

hour 3

*** Playlist ****

Hour 1

Rroyce – Run Run Run
POS:.2 – No Time To Waste (Oren Amram remix)
Sinestar – Fortunes Faded (Oren Amram edit remix)
Sirpaul – Kiss Me Kill Me
Parralox – Crying On The Dancefloor (Supasound Club Remix)
Daniel Colletti feat. Rebentisch – Berlin
Frozen Plasma – Living On Video
Tenek – Another Day
New Order – Touched By The Hand Of God
B side spot #33 – Imagination – In the heat of the night (instrumental)
Synthpoplover spot #40 – Band Aid – Do They Know It's Christmas (12" version)
Hour 2

Beborn Beton – Last Day On Earth
In Good Faith – Shadows
Patrik Pistol feat. Lisa Englund – What's The Meaning
Machinista – The Scare (Acoustic Version)
Michigan – Red dawn
WANT/ed – Special
Psy'Aviah – Face To Face (feat. Roeland van der Velde of Model Depose)(People Theatre remix)
The Department – When You're Not There
DM spot #15 – Depeche Mode – Get The Balance Right (12" Combination Mix)
Alphaville – A Victory Of Love
A-Ha – Forest Fire
!distain – Where In This World (extended big world remix by Oren Amram)
Mechatronic – Wonderful Christmas Time
Hour 3 – Synthesize Me #1 (first aired 2/3/2011)

Diorama – Synthesize Me
Ashbury heights – Crescendo
Colony 5 – Colony 5
Melotron – Manchmal
NamNamBulu – Memories (Club Mix)
Blutengel – Forever
Beborn Beton – Deeper Than The Usual Feeling
And One – So Klingt Liebe
De/Vision – Your Hands On My Skin
Apoptygma Berzerk – Nearer
+ bonus
Real Experts featuring Daniel Angelus – Disco Tears (Unplugged)

SYN-BANNER 1 NEW 2100 152

SYN-BANNER Small 152

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