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hour 1

hour 2

*** Playlist ****

Hour 1

Pet Shop Boys & David bowie – Hallo Spaceboy
Parralox – Wildlife (7th Heaven Club Mix)
Vision Talk – Come With Me
In Good Faith – Shadows
Out Of Sphere – Strangers
Rroyce – Over and Over
Psy'Aviah – Face To Face (feat. Roeland van der Velde of Model Depose)(People Theatre remix)
Eloquent – Mixed Emotions (Nordika Remix)
Alphaville – To Germany With Love (Sebastian R. Komor Extended Remix)
Machinista – Heroes (David Bowie Cover)
Tears For Fears – Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie Cover)
B side spot #35 – David Bowie – Julie
Synthpoplover spot #42 – Peter Schilling – Major Tom (Comming Home)
Hour 2

Sinestar – Fortunes Faded (Oren Amram extended remix)
Tenek – Another Day
Faderhead – Horizon Born (Electric Paradise Club Edit)
Beborn Beton – Lost Little Robot
Cold Connection – Memories
Vogon Poetry – Moments
Michigan – State of Serenity
Michigan – Broken (Depeche Mode cover)
DM spot #17 – Depeche Mode – In Your Memory (Slick Mix)
Future Perfect – Dangerous Desires
Patrik Pistol feat. Lisa Englund – What's The Meaning
!distain – My God (People theatre Remix)
Black – The Sweetest Smile

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