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Hour 1

Hour 2

*** Playlist ****

Hour 1

Rename – Avalanche Of Fear (The International Mix)
CJ Stone Feat. Rename – Call My Name (Rename Radio Mix)
Rroyce – …But You Lied
Real Experts featuring Strobegirl – Laser Me To Heaven (Extended Disco Remix)
Pet Shop Boys – The Pop Kids
In Good Faith – Shadows (Intent Outtake Remix)
Projekt Ich – Wolkenträne
Xparadox – Die Again
New Order – Who's Joe
!distain – Where In This World (feat. Elektrostaub)
Rotersand – Torn Realities
B side spot #41 – Rotersand – Just Sales
Synthpoplover 80's spot #51 – Visage – In The Year 2525

Hour 2

Vogon Poetry – Spit It Out (Kei Kohara Remix)
Machinista – The Scare
Etage Neun – Tonight
Etage Neun – Cry Out In The Rain
Cosmopolite – No Pain
Cold In May – Let Me Go (Acoustic Version)
Reflection – Due Sono Uno A Roma (People Theatres Notte Mix)
WANT/ed feat. Dania Morales [Anything Box] – Save Me
Anything Box – Living In Oblivion (Extended Remix)
Eloquent – Like It Or Not (the mapista remix)
Helix Pulsar – This Love
DM spot #23 – Depeche Mode – Nothings Impossible (Dark Vector Remix)
A Flock Of Seagulls – Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)
Eminent Sol – Somebody

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