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Hour 1

Hour 2

*** Playlist ****

Hour 1

Vision-Talk – Come With Me
Vision-Talk – Dina Tankar (2013 Remake)
Vision-Talk – Unlike (Extended)
Royal Visionaries – Synthetic Love (Chinese Theatre Remix)
Pet Shop Boys – The Pop Kids (Offer Nissim Drama Remix)
Rotersand – Torn Realities
Rroyce – Thank You I'm Scared (Oren Amram extended Rremix)
E-bit – Loveboat
Dani'el – To Dare (People Theatre's Audace Remix)
Herhuth and After Dark – You Don't Know Me
School Of Seven Bells – Ablaze
B side spot #43 – School Of Seven Bells – When She Was Me
Synthpoplover 80's spot #53 – A-Ha – Stay On These Roads (12" version)
Hour 2

Alphaville – A Victory Of Love (live in Tel Aviv, Israel, 06/02/2016)
Psy'Aviah – Face To Face (feat. Roeland van der Velde of Model Depose)(People Theatre remix)
In Good Faith – Masterhit (Front 242 cover)(long version)
Rename – Avalanche Of Fear (The International Mix)
Xparadox – Die Again
DE feat. Rebentisch – Krank
Aeld – Amazing Face (kids remix)
Helix Pulsar – Narcissistic
Camelot – Why Care
DM spot #25 – Nitzer Ebb – I Am Undone (Alan Wilder remix)
Michigan – Broken (Depeche Mode Cover)
Machinista – Surprised By Death
Chinese Theatre feat. !distain – History Forecast (Peter Rainman time code remix)

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