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Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

*** Playlist ****

Hour 1

Alphaville – In The Mood
Beborn Beton – The Colour of Love
Vogon Poetry – Ready Player One (Oren Amram Club Mix)
Rroyce – Thank You I'm Scared (Oren Amram special intro ballad version)
Rroyce – The Principle Of Grace
Noyce™ – Coma(tose)
Herhuth & After Dark – Scarlett Mirror
Rebentisch feat. Avishag Hayik – Tod Im Wald (Oren Amram Forest Mix)
Example – Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Radio Edit)
!distain – Mein Weg
De/Vision – Dinner Without Grace
B side spot #47 – De/Vision – Hunters
Synthpoplover 80's spot #57 – Pet Shop Boys – Heart
Hour 2

Camouflage – The Great Commandment (live in Dresden)
Information Society Feat. Vitamin C – Don't You Want Me
WANT/ed featuring !distain – Talking Dead (Dj Oren Amram remix)
Eurotix – Kiss Them For Me (Rename 7-Inch Mix)
Rename – Maybe Later I Will Fall (Synthesize Mix)
Etage Neun – (You Can Always) Come Back To Me
Jean Michel Jarre – Revolution, Revolutions
2nd-Happiest – Fake
Eloquent – Go Go Yellow Screen (Vision talk’s old school electro synth mix)
Psy'Aviah feat. Addie Nicole – Stronger (Tim Iron remix)
nTTx – Falls Beautiful
DM spot #28 – Depeche Mode – Lilian [Chab Vocal Remix Edit]
Out Of Sphere – Strangers
Rotersand – First Time
Hour 3

In Good Faith – Masterhit (Front 242 cover)
Machinista – No Shuffle (Front 242 cover)
Parralox – Headhunter (Front 242 cover)
B Movie – Forgotten Souls
Pentagon – Emptiness
FreeBass – The God Machine
New Order – Singularity (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework)
Xparadox – Die Again
Nature of Wires – Time is Come
Circuit3 – Reverberate
Lola Dutronic – Harley Davidson
Helix Pulsar – This Love
Clive Farrington – Heart Of The Unicorn

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