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and tonight – it's the remix edition of Synthesize Me, everythnig you about to hear are special remixes of this show on the past 2 years, you probably know some of them already but there are a few new and exclussive for tonight show.

*** Listen / Download ***

Hour 1

Hour 2

*** Playlist ****

Hour 1

Rroyce – Thank You I'm Scared (Oren Amram extended Rremix)
Real Experts featuring Daniel Angelus – Disco Tears (Oren Amram Disco remix)
!distain – Gunfires (Oren Amram ratatatatatatata mix)
Rename – Avalanche Of Fear (Oren Amram remix)
Sinestar – Fortunes Faded (Oren Amram extended remix)
Pos.:2 – No Time To Waste (Oren Amram remix)
Nordika feat. Alex Braun of !distain – Delirious Passion (remixed by Oren Amram)
Machinista – Pain Of Every Day *** exclussive ***
Vogon Poetry – Ready Player One (Oren Amram Club Mix)
Helix Pulsar – This Love (Oren Amram Club Mix)
Psy'Aviah ft. Roeland van der Velde – Face To Face (Oren Amram rough remix)
WANT/ed featuring !distain – Talking Dead (Dj Oren Amram remix)
Arsine Tibé – The Secret Doors – Gizli Kap Lar (Oren Amram Gizli Karışım)

Hour 2

!distain – Blackberry Morning (Oren Amram's Strawberry evening club remix)
Rebentisch feat. Avishag Hayik – Tod Im Wald (Oren Amram Forest Mix)
Vogon Poetry – Never Too Late (Oren Amram Too Late remix)
Real Experts featuring Daniel Angelus – Don't Stay (Oren Amram™ Club Remix)
Atlantic Popes – World (Oren@amramix)
Nordika feat. Henrik Iversen of NamNamBulu – Fly (Oren Amram flying in a dream mix)
Eloquent – Images Of Heaven (Oren Amram remix edit)
Parralox – Wildlife (Oren Amram Wild Remix)
DM spot #32 – Depeche Mode – Freelove (M@Y mix by Oren Amram)
Out Of Sphere – Run (Oren Amram into the light remix)
Tame Genius – Synthpop Changed My Life (Oren Amram™ mixed my song)
Dead Man Recovering – Pleasure (Oren Amram remix)
!distain – Where In This World (7" remix by Oren Amram)
In Good Faith – Shadows (Oren Amram remix)
Rroyce – Thank You I'm Scared (Oren Amram ballad version)

SYN-BANNER 1 NEW 2100 170

SYN-BANNER Small 170

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