every sunday at 21:00 @ Radio Plus

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Hour 1

Hour 2

*** Playlist ****

Hour 1

Beborn beton – She Cried
Herhuth AfterDark – Crying in the Rain
Etage Neun – Cry Out In The Rain
Eminent Sol – Enola Gay
Mesh – Kill Your Darlings
State of the Nation – Departed (Leslie Bayne ”Lesterbanjo Remix”)
Dani'el – Belteshazzar
Real Experts – How About No (Parralox Remix)
Equatronic – Saturday in Silesia
B Movie – Nowhere Girl
Rroyce – The Principle of Grace
!distain – Confession
And Also The Trees – Misfortunes
B side spot #59 – And Also The Trees – Belief In The Rose (instrumental)
Synthpoplover 80's spot #68 – Yazoo – Mr. Blue

Hour 2

mind.in.a.box – Control (Club.Mix)
Red Storm – Control (Cyborgdrive Remix)
VNV Nation – Control
Bell Size Park feat. Basha – Andromeda Six
Apoptygma Berzerk – Eclipse
Machinista – You Keep Me From Breaking Apart
Pos.:2 – So Lonely (Demo Version)
In Good Faith – Under the surface (Pos.:2 RMX)
nTTx – New Dress 2015 (Depeche Mode cover)
DM spot #40 – Depeche Mode – All That's Mine
Nature of Wires feat. CountessM – Perfect Menagerie
Color Theory – Too Close (an eloquent remix)

SYN-BANNER 1 NEW 2200 181

SYN-BANNER Small 181

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