every sunday at 21:00 @ Radio Plus

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Hour 1

Hour 2

*** Playlist ****

Hour 1

VNV Nation – Sentinel
Rroyce – Thank You I'm Scared (Oren Amram extended Rremix)
Torul – Saviour of Love (Original Single Edit)
Machinista – Season Cruising (unreleased track)
Eurotix – The Best Of Times
Diorama – Polaroids
Beborn Beton – Being Boiled
Beborn Beton – She Cried
B side spot #66 – Beborn Beton – Black Hit Of Space
Synthpoplover 80's spot #74  – Masquerade – Guardian Angel

Hour 2

!distain – December (People Theatre's Synthesize Me Remix)
Rroyce – I Like It When You Lie
DM spot #46 – Depeche Mode – Insight
Eloquent – Carte Blanche (people theatre’s grande affaire mix)
Eminent Sol – Decade (Technomancer feat. Angst Pop Mix)
Helix Pulsar – This Love (Oren Amram Club Mix)
Parralox – A Question Of Lust (Oren Amram Birthday Mix)
Pos2 – So Lonely (Oren Amram Extended Club Mix)
Real Experts – Disco Tears (Oren Amram disco mix)
Rebentisch feat. Avishag Hayik – Tod Im Wald (Oren Amram Forest Mix)
WANTed & Miranda Cartel – My Pride
When In Rome – A Promise (special orchestral extended by Oren Amram)
Scaffold – Thank U Very Much
Alphaville – Forever Young (live in Tel Aviv, Israel, 05/09/16)

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