every sunday at 21:00 @ Radio Plus

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Hour 1

Hour 2 

*** Playlist ****

Hour 1

Arctic Sunrise – Do They Know Its Christmas (Band Aid Re-Visit)
Beborn Beton – Anorexic World
Machinista – Seconds Minutes Hours
Cyborgdrive feat. Insight – A Place in Time
After The Rain – Mirrored Eyes
Etage Neun – Electric X-Mas
In Good Faith – Explore (Oren Amram SynthesizeMe Remix)
Telekon – In The Darkness (Nordika remix)
B side spot #75 – Prince – Another Lonely Christmas
Synthpoplover 80's spot #81 – Pretenders – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Parralox – Blasphemous Rumours
DM spot #52 – Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Of The Dark Mix)

Hour 2 – Rename special

Rename – Firewall
CJ Stone Feat. Rename – Call My Name (Rename Radio Mix)
Mark 'Oh Introducing Flash – The Damned Don't Cry
Rename – Touch
Rename – Play In The Rain (People Theatre Bitter Mix)
Rename – My Wonder
Rename – The Boxer
Rename – The Hack (People Theatre Mix)
Rename – Compromise Letter (People Theatre Mix)
Rename – Avalanche Of Fear (The International Mix)
Rename – Something Painful Must Have Happened
Rename – Everyone You Talk To
Rename – Still The Same Revolution But Only Without Me
Rename – Maybe Later I Will Fall (Synthesize Mix)

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SYN-BANNER Small 203

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