every sunday at 21:00 @ Radio Plus

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Hour 1

Hour 2 

Hour 3

*** Playlist ****

Hour 1

Rroyce – Thank You I'm scared
Real Experts feat. CountessM – Apart Is Still Enough
Syntec – Catch My Fall
Machinista – The Scare
B Movie – Forgotten Souls
Vogon Poetry – Mourn
Xparadox – Die Again
Reflection – Sin Retorno
Reflection – Pensar No Es Sentir (Oren Amram Club Remix)
Pos.:2 – So Lonely (Oren Amram Extended Club Mix)
E-Bit – Loveboat
In Good Faith – Shadows
Rebentisch feat. Avishag Hayik – Tod im Wald (Oren Amram Forest Mix)
Dark Empire feat. Rebentisch – Krank

Hour 2 

Midnight Resistance – Under Glass
Vogon Poetry – Moments
Softwave – Awake But Still Asleep (Oren Amram SynthesizeMe remix)
Nordika – Naive Love
Yello – Limbo
Red Storm – Control
Eurotix – The Best Of Times
Torul – Saviour of Love
WANTed feat. Miranda Cartel – My Pride
Dani'el – Belteshazzar
Nature of Wires – Cyber Rendezvous
Rename – Avalanche Of Fear
Helix Pulsar – Rapture
Noyce™ – The World Is Quiet
Eminent Sol – Enola-Gay

Hour 3

Diorama – ZSA
Herhuth AfterDark – Crying in the Rain (Oren Amram SynthesizeMe remix)
Soulimage – The Whole Universe
Rotersand – Torn realities
Machinista – Pain Of Every Day
Diorama – Polaroids
Mesh – Kill Your Darlings
!distain – Blackberry Morning
Helix Pulsar – This Love (Oren Amram Club Mix)
Insight – Damage
Rroyce – I Like It When You Lie
Rroyce – The Principle of Grace
Beborn Beton – She Cried
Rroyce – Who Needs
Cyborgdrive feat. Robert Eberl – Cell

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