ארכיון הרשומות עם התג "Halovox"

midnight (23:00 CET) – Live at —> http://www.radiosol.co.il/

"Synthesize Me" – from the new wave of the 80's throughout the 90's & to the Synthpop & EBM music of the 2000's.
join us for a special 2 hours with lots of fun & good music!

you can listen also through http://tunein.com/radio/Radio-SOL-israel-s197155/

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hour 1

hour 2

*** Playlist ****

hour 1

Mesh – Just Leave Us Alone (Maxi-Mix Man's Extended 12- Mix)
Michigan – Control Of Me (Strange Mannequin)
Christopher ANTON – Fade to Grey
Visage – She's Electric (Coming Around)
Blume – Walking In The Darkness
Real Experts featuring Daniel Angelus – Disco Tears
Ostrich – Lionheart
Royal Visionaries – Synthetic Love (People Theatre Dangerous Dub)
!distain – Lighthouse Over The Horizon (People Theatre's key mix)
Equatronic – Saturday In Silesia
B Movie – Nowhere Girl
IAMX – Kiss & Swallow

hour 2

Erasure – Paradise (Black Light Odyssey Remix)
!distain – Where In This World
Pulcher Femina – Take Me
HarmJoy – The Quiet
Covenant- Bullet
Endless Shame – Halo
Beborn Beton – Twisted
Halovox – Deception
Stereospread – Tell Us
State of the Union – Eternally
Camouflage – I Can't Feel You
Felix Marc – Follow The Demons
Aaron Molho feat. Wendy Wang – Just Leave Us Alone (Mesh Acoustic cover)


Hello Synthpopers / EBM fans from all over the world!
In this group you're invited to vote for the top Synthpop / EBM tracks of the 21st century till today.
The results of the Top 100 chart will be published in the following summer (all details will follow in the next weeks).

Please share it anywhere you can and add your friends to vote. The more members in this group – the more interesting this chart will be.

The list contains 100 Synthpop / EBM tracks from 2000 till today.
Vote for any of the songs that you like for the ultimate big Synthpop / EBM forthcoming chart.

The tracks in the list were selected by Israeli DJs Oren Amram & WhiteShark Vbe.

Thank you for participating!

please note that you have to join the facebook group in order to vote. press on the screenshot to go to the page.



here's another weekly edition of "Synthesize Me", the last one for 2012.
more than 110 minutes with the great 25 synthpop / Electro-pop artists from A to Z
(there's no one on Q, so if you're looking for a name for your band, go for it 🙂  )

1. Intro – ID's from all the artists
2. Alpha Point – High Like The Angels (People Theatre remix + reprise @ edit)
3. Beborn Beton – Time to Leave you
4. Cold In May – Kill Yourself With Pain (Mental Discipline Remix)
5. Distain! – Remote Control
6. Endless Shame – Halo
7. Fixmer & McCarthy – Banging Down Your Door
8. Goldfrapp – Fly Me Away (Chuck Barrett Radio Edit)
9. Halovox – Deception
10. Iris – Sorrow Expert
11. Joy Machine – Separate Ways
12. KieTheVez – Destinies
13. Life On Mars – Suicide (Of Your MindControl)
14. Mesh – Trust You
15. Noyce™ – This World
16. Opium – Perfect Stranger
17. Pulcher Femina – Obsession
18. Rotersand – Beneath The Stars
19. Solitary Experiments – Immortal
20. Technoir – Requiem
21. Ultima Bleep – Back (Club Remix)
22. Vnv Nation – Tomorrow Never Comes
23. Wanted – Start To Live
24. XParadox – Time To Heal
25. Yello – Lost Again
26. Zynic – My Personal Kryptonite

אחרי כמעט שנה חוזרת סידרת התכניות  Synthesize Me עם שירים חדשים יותר וחדשים פחות, מסצינת הסינת'פופ / EBM / פיוצ'רפופ / אלקטרופופ. תהנו 🙂


1. Intro
2. Mind.In.A.Box – Control (Club Mix)
3. Halovox – Retrospect
4. Inter Connection – Tonight
5. Vanguard – My World
6. Noyce tm – This World [X10DED]
7. Chrom – In My World
8. Toxic N Blue – Wanted
9. Empire In Dust – Against Reality
10. And one – Don't Get Me Wrong
11. Covenant – Lightbringer (speedrun ii rmx)
12. De/vision – Brotherhood of man
13. Diorama – Kiss of knowledge
14. Mirrors Of Mind – Stay In The Shadows – Diorama Cover

listen to the 1st hour:

listen to the 2nd hour:


hour 1

Unity One – Infrared [SNTK3 Version]
Mental Discipline – Battlefield Of Love [SNTK2 Version]
Diorama – Child Of Entertainment
Felix Marc – Give back the moments
Zynic – My Personal Kryptonite
Etage Neun – (You Can Always) Come Back To Me
Culture Kultur – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Christopher Anton – A Shatered Mind
Alpha Point – Things I Do
Color Theory – Extroverts at Play (Lost Robot Monotonous Mix)
NOYCE™ – This World
Carved Souls – Waveform
Cold In May – Kill Yourself With Pain (Mental Discipline Remix)

hour 2

Rotersand – A strange Kind Of Love
Apoptygma Berzerk – Kathy's song (come lie next to me)
Mesh – Only Better
Vanguard – My World
Distain! – Remote Control
E-gens – Fine Shine [Clubed By LastraX]
Empire In Dust – Against Reality
Halovox – Deception
Mind In A Box – Control (club mix)
Inter Connection – Cry
Iris – Sorrow Expert
Alpha Point – High Like The Angels (People Theatre's Total Recall Remix)
Apoptygma Berzerk – Until The End Of The World (acoustic)

לדוברי עברית, ההסבר בהמשך… 🙂

A Synthpop party of "Layla 80" radio show with DJ Oren Amram on eco99fm radio
Special program dedicated to the Synthpop scene in the world today, including greetings from the artists
Join us on Saturday, June 9th 2012, at 23:00 till 1:00 CET. Israel time: midnight – 02:00

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כל התכניות של "לילה 80" להאזנה ולהורדה – ב-Icast

הפסקול המסונתז השבועי, תכנית מס' 14:

Opium – Perfect Stranger
Solitary Experiments – Immortal
Halovox – Deception
And One – Recover You
Christopher Anton – I Want To Be Broken
Wolfsheim – Care for you
Seabound – Without You
Moulin Noir – Spellbound (run level zero mix)
I Scintilla – Prey on you
Monolithic – Goodbye (for now)