ארכיון הרשומות עם התג "necessary response"

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"Synthesize Me" – from the new wave of the 80's throughout the 90's & to the Synthpop & EBM music of the 2000's.
join us for a special 2 hours with lots of fun & good music!

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hour 7

*** Playlist ****

—————————–hour 1———————–

Diorama – Synthesize Me
Heliophile – First Strike (You're Out)

Apoptygma Berzerk
Jean Michel Jarre – Magnethic Fields 2
Tobias Bernstrup – Moments Lost (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)

VNV Nation
Yazoo – Goodbye 70's
VNV Nation – Sentinel

Ruined conflict
Kraftwerk – Radioctivity
Ruined Conflict – Anonymous

Endless Shame
Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls
Endless Shame – Halo

Empire in Dust
Mesh – Automation Baby
Empire In Dust – Always Blue

Ultravox – The Voice
Eurasianeyes – Call Your God

—————————–hour 2———————–

Beborn Beton
Duran Duran Feat. Kelis – The Man Who Stole A Leopard
Beborn Beton – Another World

Erasure – Ship Of Fools
!distain – I Beg For You

Yazoo – Only You
Mesh – Taken For Granted

Escape with Romeo – Somebody
Rroyce – Bohemian Life

Louis Gordon – This Air
Tenek – Blinded By You

Heaven 17
Spandau Ballet – Chant nº. 1 (I don't need this pressure on)
Heaven 17 – Geisha Boys And Temple Girls
Heaven 17 – Let Me Go

—————————–hour 3———————–

Kate Rusby – Blooming Heather
Alphaville – The Deep

Rare Facture
Iris – Phenom
Rare Facture – Say Something (exclussive!!! premiere!)

Depeche Mode – Photographic
WANTed – Film in My Head (feat. Holger Muller)

Future Perfect
Apoptygma Bezerk – Until The End of the World
Future Perfect – Spaces

Model Depose
IAMX – The Alternative
Model Depose – Treasure

Clive Farrington
Simple Minds – I Travel
Clive Farrington – Just Another Love Song

Heaven 17 – Dive
!distain – Autumn Leaves (demo version from the special edition of "25 frames a second").

Paul Dakeyne
Yello – The Rhythm Divine
Yazoo – State Farm (Madhouse Mix)

—————————–hour 4———————–

Pet Shop Boys – One More Chance
Rename – Never Stop! (Neil Delta Mix)

Out Of Sphere
Melotron – Stuck In The Mirror
Out Of Sphere – Empty Space

Real Experts
Bomb The Base – Don't Make Me Wait
Real Experts – Out Of My System

Erasure – Reunion
Eloquent – Images Of Heaven (Oren amram remix)*** premiere ***

Mylene Farmer – Désenchantée
Noyce™ – Fall[out]

Anything Box – Jubilation
Eminent Sol – Decade

Arctic Sunrise
Ultravox – Vienna
Arctic Sunrise – Violet (exclussive!!! premiere!)

Anne Clark – Sleeping In Metropolis
Rebentisch – Denen Du etwas bedeutest

—————————–hour 5———————–

A.I. Zero
Men Without Hats – Safety Dance
A.I. Zero – Follow

I Start Counting – Million Headed Monster
Zynic – Who's To Blame

Pet Shop Boys – Left To My Own Devices
Parralox – Wrong Or Right

Erotic Elk
Mike Mareen – Love Spy
Erotic Elk – Seal The Moment

Vogon Poetry
IAMX – Mercy
Vogon Poetry – Virtues ( exclussive!!! premiere!)

Color Theory
Rupesh Cartel – Imperial
Color Theory – The Best Revenge

Ari Mason
TRUST – Dressed for Space
Ari Mason – Sleep Still
—————————–hour 6———————–

Alphaville – Jerusalem
Nordika featuring Alex braun of !distain – Delirious Passion (Safisfy Me)

Magenta – Untouchable
Technomancer – The Outsider

Per Aksel Lundgreen
Data – Living Inside Me
Rossetti's Compass – My Beloved (Abi's Electro Mix by Angst Pop feat. Technomancer)

In Good Faith
Necessary Response – Vapor
In Good Faith – Hit Me Hard

Kite – Ways To Dance
Mechatronic – Endless Search for Something

Soft Cell – Bedsitter
EMT – Let Me Go (The Eminence of Sol 2.0 remix)

2nd Happiest 
Nitzer Ebb – I Am Undone
2nd Happiest – Rastlöst hjärta (remix)

—————————–hour 7———————–

Christopher Anton
Depeche Mode – Higher Love
Christopher Anton – Lovefix

Machinista – Arizona Lights

Sisters Of Mercy featuring Ofra Haza – Temple Of Love
Head-Less – Halt mich

Peter Rainman
People Theatre – Better
Diorama – Synthesize Me


"Electroluxury K-mix" are a series of mixes from "Electroluxury" parties in Düsseldorf.
thanks to Armin C. Schneider for posting the full party playlists & for giving me the opportunity to expose it through my mixes…

after more than 16,000 downloads to Electroluxury K-mixes 2012-2013 I'm proud to present…
Electroluxury 14 K-mix 2013

listen here:  
re-mixed & re-edited by DJ Oren Amram
A selection of synthpop/ EBM / Futurepop from "Electroluxury 14" playlist .
stay tuned for more Electroluxury K-mixes soon!
Diorama – E Minnor (Banghra Version)
Ostrich – Prepare To Fall
Radioaktivists – Pieces Of Me
Necessary Response – Forever
Depeche Mode – Heaven (Freemasons Club Mix)
Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Alex Metric Remix)
Mesh – Born to Lie (Club Version)
Mind.In.A.Box – What Used To Be (Short Storm)
Empire In Dust – Against Reality 2012
Diorama – The Scale
Pride And Fall – Border (Club Edit)
Colony 5 – Synchronized Hearts
Assemblage 23 – Crosstalk


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here's another weekly edition of "Synthesize Me".
with new tracks from the "Pet Shop Boys", Mesh, Solitary Experiments, Technoir and more great synthpop and EBM tracks.


1. Pet Shop Boys – Axis (Album Version)
2. Mesh – Flawless
3. Rotersand – Almost Violent (Exilanation Remix)
4. Apoptygma Berzerk – Starsign [extended]
5. Solitary Experiments – Trial And Error
6. Pride And Fall – Border (Club Edit)
7. Assemblage 23 – Crosstalk
8. Mind.in.a.box – What Used To Be (Short Storm)
9. Technoir – We Came For Love (Single Mix)
10. Seabound – Transformer (antiseptic rmx)
11. Necessary Response – Forever
12. A Spell Inside – Keenr 2009
13. Ostrich – Prepared To Fall
14. Blume – Walking In Darkness
15. Legacy Of Music – Tragedy (Featuring Mesh)

Hello Synthpopers / EBM fans from all over the world!
In this group you're invited to vote for the top Synthpop / EBM tracks of the 21st century till today.
The results of the Top 100 chart will be published in the following summer (all details will follow in the next weeks).

Please share it anywhere you can and add your friends to vote. The more members in this group – the more interesting this chart will be.

The list contains 100 Synthpop / EBM tracks from 2000 till today.
Vote for any of the songs that you like for the ultimate big Synthpop / EBM forthcoming chart.

The tracks in the list were selected by Israeli DJs Oren Amram & WhiteShark Vbe.

Thank you for participating!

please note that you have to join the facebook group in order to vote. press on the screenshot to go to the page.



this week's edition has been edited by Rina Chetrit



Aesthetic Perfection – Inhuman
Necessary Response – Vapor
Apoptygma Berzerk – Rollergirl
Chrom – In My World
Destroid Featuring Sven Friedrich – Lucretia My Reflection
Melotron – Der Blaue Planet
Assemblage 23 – Over And Out
Felix Marc – Life Is Porn
Colony 5 – Synchronized Hearts
Ladytron – Runaway
Camouflage – Crime
Lowe – Mirage
Ashbury Heights – Dark Clouds Gather Over Vanity Fair
Mind.In.A.Box – Into The Night
Placebo – Post Blue
The Anix – Endlessly
VNV Nation – Nova

הפסקול המסונתז השבועי, תכנית מס' 17::


De/Vision – I Regret
Mesh – I Can't Imagine How It Hurts
SkiZika – Hush Baby
Beborn Beton – Sleeping Beauty
Cut Copy – Need You Now
Editors – Papillon
Felix Marc – Mystify
Mental Discipline feat Felix Marc – Fallen Stars
Necessary Response – Elements
Distain! – Piano song